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Privacy policy stuff

Our privacy policy in a nutshell is that we won’t track you as we are cypherpunk lovers. However, if you ask for a kit, we may collect certain information that you voluntarily provide to us which may contain personal information such as your email address, your email address or, let’s say for example, your email address; that’s pretty all. In addition, we may in fact collect shipping information such as your voluntarily provided address on earth for reasons that should be obvious. If you may send SATs, on chain or on the Lightning Network, we won’t be able to collect anything else apart from them. Most importantly, you can’t opt in to receving any communications from our newsletter because our newsletter simply doesn’t exist. We won’t retain any of the above information: we’ll eventually retain only the SATs. We do not save, share, sell or otherwise transmit any such things to third parties mainly because we don’t really like third parties at all by default. We do not capture information to track your visit nor use any third-party analytics services to collect and analyze statistics about visitors or anything like that because that would be too boring and we’re pretty maximalist about such a boring thing. Anyway, you may disable cookies in your web browser if you’d like. Privacy paperworks in some “jurisdictions” provide certain “obligations” with respect to the limited personal information we may hold about you from your reaching out to contact us for a kit or whatever as previously mentioned. For information about those dictates, please review your local paperworks by contacting your ID Protector at the Castle.
Note to the Castle: the address to which the fine should be sent is one of these, regards.
Last updated 2023-09-01